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Being different puts you in great company.

Often traditional schooling leaves us thinking there is a set structure and place we must all fit in too and in fact the better we fit the more we are, more intelligent, more accomplished, more employable, more likely to succeed.

Yet, history teaches us quite the opposite as much of the incredible things we enjoy today have been created by people who couldn’t fit a mould if they made it themselves.

Let’s start with Einstein who was autistic, who was sent home one day from school with a note saying his teacher could not cope with him any longer, that he was a horrid child and a disgrace to this mother. His mother read the letter and told him he was so bright the teacher could not teach him anything else and he would be home schooled from tomorrow.

Autism is a big challenge to those that live with, but it always comes with a gift and Einstein’s was his high IQ. That disruptive child went on to discover the theory of relativity, which in essence is what all of science is based on, it’s the study of space, time and relativity and most of our modern-day advancements have come from this one concept, that a child who couldn’t hold a gentle conversation with his peers could see so clearly.

Walt Disney had dyslexia, which means reading in books was incredibly difficult, school near impossible so he learnt to express himself creatively, creating the foundation for much of cinematic entertainment as we know it, also an empire of Disney world’s around the globe and the iconic Mickey Mouse.

Michael Phelps had ADHD and couldn’t fit in at school but harnessing his energy into swimming he went on to win 28 medals, 23 gold and to this day holds the highest medal tally.

So, you don’t fit in? You aren’t traditionally trained? You don’t have a PHD?

But what you do have is you and let me give you 3 reasons that’s all you need.

1. It’s never about what’s going on around you, it’s always about what is going on in you. Spend money and time learning your strengths and more importantly your non strengths

2. Anything you lack is counteracted with a gift of something else, know your personal genius level and play to it.

3. Guard yourself talk, you perfectly and wonderfully made. You are your most valuable asset and quite frankly all you need to succeed is YOU.

Normal is only a cycle on the washing machine.

Never aim to fit in because you were definitely made to stand out.

Tracey Horton x

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