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In the second world war there was one particular prisoner of war camp that had a maximum-security section. Due to location and treatment, most POW camps didn’t need anything but low security, the men were not well or fit enough to try and escape, except this one camp.

So the guards decided to try something to prevent it, on arrival they started asking the prisoners one question “when you get out of here what will you do with your life?”.


found that the man that could answer that with a look in his eye that he actually saw this day would need to go into the maximum-security area as they would inevitably try to escape, but the man that couldn’t answer that question could be left without fences.

The point is we only ever keep trying, fighting, looking for answers when the dream is alive.

We are living in very different times, many of us having to reshape our norm, change our circumstances both in business and personal.

So, the question is how hard are we working to keep the dream alive?

If, you find yourself settling into the inevitable just walking through life caught with anxiety and pressure being your new thought processes, then you have lost your dream.

Let me give you 3 points to securing your dream stays alive:

1. Make sure you keep the actual first dream of why you started is always visual for you to see – a mission statement you can read every morning – the battle is won in the subconscious.

2. Keep your kpi’s front and centre and celebrate the small wins every day.

3. Have a mentor or consultant that gets you md can help you.

YOUR dream belongs to you, yes, you might need to change it, adapt it, add an extra page or too, but the DREAM is yours and it should never die before you so.

Tracey Horton x

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