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Time and Money you can’t have both.

There is a very famous saying that says “Time or money you can’t have both.”

It literally means that either as an employee or a business owner our norm is to exchange time for money, the more time you spend the more you earn, but the less time we have to spend it. However, when we dial back our working hours and get time to ourselves, we often have less money.

BUT I wonder if we really need to think like this.

I think, as we now live in an online digital world where we have recently all learnt to work from home that maybe right now is the opportunity to have both.

It will take some new thinking though so let me give you 3 keys to creating a life of both:

1. Live online, life is digital, and no one cannot be a part of it – be aware of your social footprint and use it authentically to make connections. People buy people, sales are all about you and how you show up.

2. Be money savvy, be aware of costs and rewards, what it costs to run your business or life and how often you make money. Keep a budget including in it savings and lifestyle money and review it regularly

3. Create a life you can sustain, be aware of your time restraints and commitments and find a way to be present which each moment. Work life balance is a real thing, and you need to work out how yours looks.

In life we so readily fall into the trap of getting so busy doing life we forget to have a life which in my opinion is not ok any longer.

To be living in such a unique time in history it is truly an opportunity like never before to have both time and money.

Tracey Horton x

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